Wednesday, 20 January 2010

OCaml Batteries included 1.0.0 released

The Batteries Included project that has intended to provide an extensive defacto-standard library for OCaml for over two years has finally reached version 1!

This library includes a wealth of indispensable features with extensive documentation covering topics such as:

  • Mutable and immutable data structures (reusable AVL trees, bit sets, string buffers, extensible arrays, lazy lists, polymorphic sets and maps, ropes).
  • Mathematics (extensive complex number support).
  • Abstractions (enumerations).
  • File and IO related helper functions.
  • Pretty printers and functional unparsers.
  • Memory management helper functions.
  • Consistent interfaces/signatures.
  • Unicode support.

Download your copy here!

1 comment:

hugo said...

You can't provice binaries for Windows, right?

That would be so cool...