Thursday, 24 September 2009

OCaml finally goes multicore

Philippe Wang made the exciting announcement recently that the first working version of oc4mc, OCaml with a new parallel garbage collector, has been released. This revolutionary development allows threads in OCaml programs to be executed in parallel for the first time, making it possible to leverage multicores efficiently in OCaml programs.

We can confirm that oc4mc is working on one of our 8-core machines and shows excellent speedups for simple multithreaded numerical computations.

The next major developments in this area will doubtless be better libraries for parallel programming in OCaml, the adoption of oc4mc in the major apt repositories used by the majority of Linux programmers and finally the creation of literature describing the design and characteristics of this implementation.

Congratulations to the team (Mathias Bourgoin, Adrien Jonquet, Emmanuel Chailloux, Benjamin Canou and Philippe Wang) for making this happen and thanks to Jane St. Capital for making the project possible!

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