Sunday, 25 January 2009

Building a Virtual Machine using LLVM: part 1

The OCaml Journal just published an article about compiler writing:

"This article is the first in a series examining the design and construction of a simple high-level virtual machine (HLVM) written in OCaml and building upon LLVM. Despite its simple design, the HLVM offers excellent performance, rich run-time types with reflection, tail calls, accurate garbage collection and an easy-to-use C-compatible Foreign Function Interface (FFI). This article describes the first step in construction: JIT compilation of programs from a minimal language..."

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Karla said...

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Daniel said...

Are the articles included with source of the project? Or we have to pay to read!

I thought it is an open source project but.. it is only the "source" that is opened !?!

Or maybe the frog found the prince, since article in the journal was from 2010!