Monday, 24 November 2008

Stunning slides about the growth of OCaml at XenSource/Citrix

In 2002, members of Cambridge University released the open source Xen project to provide free high-performance virtualization technology for the masses.

In 2004, the team founded the company XenSource and began developing the enterprise-level distributed management software that would make virtualization easy and form the backbone of their products in the years to come. A team of thirty dedicated programmers in Palo Alto California began developing the software in C, Python and Ruby.

Two years later, the US team had succeeded in burning tens of millions of dollars funding but had failed to produce any product. So XenSource, under new management, took the bold step of replacing their large team of US developers with a team of only four British OCaml developers. Within months, all of the Python and Ruby was replaced, both reliability and performance were dramatically improved and the company shipped their first product. One year later, XenSource sold to Citrix for $500M.

One of the first OCaml developers to join XenSource, Anil Madhavapeddy, stunned the audience at this years CUFP conference with the tale of Citrix growing from 4 to 18 OCaml developers since April 2006. Anil has kindly made his awe-inspiring slides available on-line.

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