Sunday, 27 July 2008

Metaprogramming with MetaOCaml

The OCaml Journal just published an article about MetaOCaml:

"Metaprogramming is a term used to describe programs that generate or manipulate other programs. The ML family of languages were bred specifically for this purpose and, indeed, that is where their name MetaLanguage is derived from. Run-time compilation and execution of programs is a notable feature once present in Lisp as EVAL but sacrificed in the transition to ML. The MetaOCaml language is a prototype OCaml derivative that is designed to bring statically-typed metaprogramming to the OCaml family of languages. This article examines the use of MetaOCaml for metaprogramming including some of the practical applications of this technology and the challenges faced by users of this technology..."

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Le said...

Very interesting article,and good to see the use of this Metalanguage for practical applications.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

Thank you!

Rumour has it that the MetaOCaml developers are planning to continue their exciting work later this year and, in particular, bring MetaOCaml up to date with respect to the latest OCaml distribution (3.10 and later with the new Camlp4) and extend the native code metaocamlopt to support x64 as well as x86.

Le said...

Good to hear :-).I hope those rumors turn out to be true after all.

Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. said...

I just verified this with Walid Taha, the lead developer of MetaOCaml, and the rumours are indeed true!

Supporting the latest OCaml distribution with the new Camlp4 is top priority.

Le said...

Great news :-).thanks for the info.