Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Try OCaml on the web!

OCaml is an awesome programming language but its use is sometimes stifled by a lack of libraries, particularly in the areas of web and database programming. The F# programming language is an fantastic solution to this problem because it is a closely related language but it only runs natively on Windows and tens of millions of people are now working with other operating systems on a regular basis.

Consequently, we were extremely excited when Xavier Clerc announced the release of ocamljava, an OCaml compiler than generates code for the JVM. The project is still in its infancy but, in theory, this combines the awesome expressive power of the OCaml programming language with the bewildering selection of libraries available for the JVM.

Even better, Xavier recently built a Java applet that provides an OCaml top-level in your web browser. So you can type OCaml definitions into your browser and have them checked and evaluated by OCaml without having to install any software beyond Java!

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cago said...

Now you have, it uses js_of_ocaml.