Thursday, 27 September 2007

Using lex and yacc

The OCaml Journal just published an article describing how the ocamllex and ocamlyacc tools can be used to create parsers:

"The tool stack bundled with the OCaml distribution provides some awesome functionality. The ocamllex and ocamlyacc tools provide a mainstream approach to the parsing of data. This article introduces the concepts of lex and yacc-based parsing and describes the use of these tools in implementing robust and efficient parsers quickly and easily..."

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rubyfan said...

Question about the OCaml Journal:
If you order the 3month subscription, it says you get access to all existing articles + 6 new articles. After the 3 months is up, can you still access these articles? Are they PDFs or are they only readable from your secure site?

Jon Harrop said...

You can only read the articles from the site while your subscription is active.

You can download them (and the code + videos) of course.