Friday, 28 September 2007

Book review: OCaml for Scientists

The following review of the book OCaml for Scientists was posted on Digg by Lloyd Moore:

"This is one of the most informative books on any subject. After reading Practical Ocaml and being thoroughly disappointed, I almost gave up on finding that 'helping hand' when coming to terms with a new language - especially one that introduces some of the more lesser known concepts in the world of functional programming. In stark contrast to the Practical Ocaml tome, from physical make-up of the book, logical sequencing of information and chapters from start to finish, to the beautifully crafted illustrations exactly placed where relevant, this ocaml masterpiece will enable to not only master the ocaml language but also to appreciate functional programming constructs and much better programming style (clarity, shorter, reusable, less bugs). There is even a brief, but pragmatic treatment of lexing and parsing which will open the doors to anyone wishing to save and retrieve obscure data formats, including their own DSL language. Visualization is dealt with in chapter 6 which explains the use of the GLUT (openGL) library in an extremely efficient manner and the later chapters on optimization complete this master class on ocaml and some very powerful programming techniques."

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