Monday, 18 June 2007

High-performance vector graphics update

We just released a new version of Smoke, including a free byte-code edition.

Smoke is a high-performance cross-platform 2D vector graphics library written entirely in OCaml that renders using OpenGL to exploit hardware acceleration. Version 2.01 adds:

  • OCaml 3.10 compatibility
  • Vector text using the Computer Modern fonts (see

We are working towards typesetting, GUIs and a vector graphics replacement for the OCaml top-level...


Alan Falloon said...

I have a question Jon, have you looked at Cairo and Pango?

Cairo is a 2D vector graphics interface for linux that can draw to OpenGL, SVG, etc. and Pango is a companion for rendering text.

They work on Linux and Windows, and there are already Ocaml bindings.

Jon Harrop said...

Yes. Our vector graphics software is more mature, much faster and has an elegant purely functional API.