Saturday, 19 May 2007

Functional programmer stole my Job

Middle-class white-collar American computer programmers are feeling the squeeze again today, and its not from Sharon in accounts.

Only months after many programmers lost their jobs when they were offshored to third world countries like Europe, it seems that programming jobs are now being stolen by a second crowd.

Gangs of ruthless functional programmers are overwhelming interviewers by listing programming languages like OCaml, Haskell and even Lisp on their CVs.

The horrifying trend is thought to have begun in Germany, with a growing number of singles citing "OCaml" among their hobbies. In the US, starving unemployed programmers were spotted on street corners holding signs saying "Will code for Food (but only in OCaml)".

The effect is being compounded by the number of employers who now regard unenlightened programmers as second-class citizens, driving a trend of employing functional programmers in the interests of productivity. The result: functional programming is the new black.

The only programmers unaffected by this revolution are the self-employed, who have known for years that functional programming offers order of magnitude improvements in development speed, maitainability, reliability and mojo.

You have to ask yourself one question: is OCaml on your CV?

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